Carnets vénitiens

Venetian notebooks

Exceptional Objects, these Venetian notebooks are entirely handmade in Italy, down to the paper that makes up their pages and their assembly.
They are the work of the artist and craftsman Fernando, who after many experiments since the 80s chose to abandon traditional printing techniques and directed his research towards high relief printing processes.
Traditional papers, even thick ones, did not allow him to obtain the depth of engraving that he hoped for for his motifs, pushed him to continue his research and to deepen his knowledge of the fibers and the structure of the paper to finally create its own technique of manufacturing this material.
He launched in 1999 and his workshop became a multi-purpose center where art and crafts meet and merge. Artists from all over the world visit him to compose with rigorously handmade paper as the common denominator.
Light and resistant, with a material consistency and a "tactile" aspect both to the eye and to the hand, Fernando's paper is more than a simple support but an essential part of the objects he makes.
It is towards the Neo Classical style that he turns to adorn his notebooks in high relief using the technique of embossing. Putti, angels, mythological characters, echo the symbols of the Venetian tradition and come to life in relief on these objects which he sometimes tints with soft and refined shades.
True arts and crafts, I love these notebooks because they give me the opportunity to record memories carefully and thoughtfully. In a world where everything now moves very quickly, I find it precious that an object can inspire us to take our prettiest pen, to choose our words carefully, and to take the time to reflect to fill its pages.
Of the many ideas for filling those notebooks with memories to cherish and keep, here are just a few, some even suggested by some of you.
The Appolo carnet for a musician who would record his chords there, I personally used the Angel of the Night carnet to gather some family photos that I have accompanied by anecdotes or small texts, in the notebook The Muse we can for example note the quotations or excerpts from books that have marked us, without forgetting the Angelo Del Giorno carnet whose format is ideal for a guest book at a wedding or a baptism.