Goûter festif

Festive goûter

A little December tradition at home is to have the living room table perpetually covered with Christmas desserts. Calissons, candied chestnuts, clementines, fruit jellies, marzipan, candied fruit, Alsatian biscuits, the list is endless.
And since December is often a hectic month, it's a good time to invite friends over in a relaxed way when you don't have time to prepare more! And kids tend to like it a lot.
Large teapot, coffee, apple juice, some fruit and then everything that attracts you to the "Christmas specialties" section of a delicatessen: nougat, dried fruits, almonds, chocolates and then exceptional sweets. Plates and napkins are piled up and everyone helps themselves. I like picking at Boissier for refined confectionery and at injured for candied fruit.
For this table I chose a pretty candle handmade in France at Frederique's Candles, some napkins Simran, a tea-pot Alix D Reynis, antique crockery and silverware WHAT'S THIS.
Happy Holidays!