Caring for your clothes

Quality and durability being at the heart of our concerns, we imagine models with timeless cuts that cross fashions. Our pieces are exclusively made of natural materials, more resistant and more noble. Particular care is given to the finishes, such as English seams where possible, in order to manufacture strong and resistant garments.
Here are some care tips to prolong the life of your clothes.

a chain and a frame :
We recommend machine wash at 30 degrees with organic detergent and air dry. We do not recommend using the dryer because it weakens the fibers and can sometimes shrink the clothes.

Each fiber of wool requires special care, we always recommend washing your knit inside out and placing it individually in a laundry bag, be careful not to mix light and dark wools when washing.

Merino wool and cashmere can be washed on a wool/delicate cycle at 30 degrees maximum with a special organic wool detergent, you should never use fabric softener or chlorine to wash your knits and the spin should not exceed 600 revolutions /minute.
We only recommend drying your knit flat without stretching it, on a towel and out of direct sunlight. 

The cotton is washed (on the back and also in a washing net) on a short cycle at 30 degrees and 1000 rpm.
We exclusively recommend drying your cotton knit flat without stretching it, on a towel and away from the sun.