Our values

From the choice of materials to the production process of our collections, through the selection of our objects, quality and transparency are at the heart of our concerns.

All our clothes are made exclusively from natural materials such as cotton, linen or wool and as soon as possible certified or organic. 

Our production is reasoned and produced in small quantities. We have chosen to work with small workshops in Bulgaria where the textile know-how is excellent and where we have found an echo in our desire to produce little but very well.

Our knitwear is made in the factory created by Dimo's parents on the Black Sea coast, there our 100% wool knitwear is knitted on a machine and then entirely assembled by hand with know-how and dexterity.
Our warp and weft garments are produced in the Stoil factory, in a town surrounded by vestiges of antiquity. It is to these experienced seamstresses that we have entrusted the manufacture of our clothes with the finishes that are dear to us.


Our candles are entirely made in France.

Our fragrances are developed exclusively for COSE by renowned noses and then our candles are poured by a master wax maker. The wax is vegetable and the cotton wick, the glass and the box are made in France.



Antiques and antiques are selected with care and attention, treated as needed and all solid.
As legally required, all our inventory is on a police book, ensuring the traceability of all the merchandise we offer.
For the sake of discretion for our customers, certain prices can only be obtained on request.