Our story

COSE is the marriage of my passion for the art of living and beauty in its rawest sense. Beauty everywhere, dazzling, which awakens the senses, delights them, reveals itself in a fold of fabric, emanates from a place, smells of mystery, arises from accidents, plays of light, silences. 

I thought of COSE as a universe of mixed things, a place of expression, where all creative desires have a place and a space to come to life. 

Compose and propose a place where furniture, objects, clothing and accessories intertwine and respond to each other, in harmony and with coherence; an ode to all that follows nothing but instinct. 

I dreamed of this universe where passing time is a delight, because time has no hold on what is well done and done with meaning. A piece of furniture that has survived the centuries is in harmony with a blouse with a timeless cut, a singular smell matches the atmosphere of a place, the objects resonate with each other in all simplicity.

It was also important for me to give substance to this momentum by creating a physical space where you can welcome and receive you, take pleasure in sharing a moment together and open up to other horizons.

Looking forward to meeting you here or elsewhere!