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Carnet - Angelo Della Notte

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A true work of art, this notebook was entirely shaped by hand in Venice.

Fernando makes his own cotton paper, after years of research and testing, the only one thick enough to bring out the detail and relief of his delicately embossed neo-classical designs. Each notebook is patiently assembled by hand.
Precious objects, they are the witness of an art, that of the search for excellence despite the time necessary for its implementation. 

Noble and precious, this large-format notebook is intended to record memories that are just as noble, family photos, quotes, wedding or baptism book, guest book. It is an object that we enjoy leaving on display and in which to immerse ourselves regularly.

This design depicts an angel carrying two sleeping cherubs, embossed illustration in neo-classical style on a pale yellow background in a cartouche.


- 17x25 cm
- 10 sheets (i.e. 20 pages)
- handmade in Italy 

NB: these notebooks being made entirely by hand, there may be gradients in the background color, the edges of the pages are all irregular.